8 Out of 1,000,000 Ain’t Bad

Countin' up the site rankingsAh well, it’s late at night, and I should be in bed. But I ran across this and just had to share it before I sleep. I visited Aaron Wall’s SEO Book blog tonite and read his post on internet site rankings. He was pondering the relative value of his blog, which came in at #112,095 out of the top millions sites according to the Quantcast rankings (7.04.07). Which on one level, struck him as pretty cool, until he noticed that a site called PornHater outranked him by 5 spots.

And…well, I just couldn’t resist. Here’s how my some of my sites stacked up:

  • #30733: thecoloringspot.com
  • #100217: mademelaugh.com
  • #121244: freekidsmusic.com
  • #315168: christianmpfree.com
  • #484837: lightupyourbrain.com
  • #497518: greatsongsfree.com
  • #498756: freesolopiano.com
  • #735840: feelslikechristmas.com
  • and I recently gave away one of the sites I built by hand several years back, which came in at #232896: KidsMusicWeb.com

So, I built nine of the one million most popular sites on the web, eh? Not so bad. But, like Aaron…I don’t even want to mention┬ámost of my neighbors on the list. Yikes!

Well, that’s one way to finish off a Sunday night, eh? Good thing tomorrow is another day! ;-)