Browse Specific Netflix Categories

We all know that Netflix has way, way, way more shows and movies than they can recommend to us directly. But, with the help of the links we’ve provided below, you can drill-down on categories you really like and see all they have to offer. We’ve taken their category codes and provided you with live links. So if you click on links in this link in a browser where you are already logged into Netflix, you’ll be treated to a really nice display of movies, TV shows, documentaries or whatever else the category might represent. Once you’re on the Category page, you can still sort them by Highest Rated, Year Released, Sorted A-Z or Sorted Z-A. En-Joy! 😉

NOTE: Netflix has acknowledged that these categories change with some frequency, and that some categories are sometimes empty…possibly existing as placeholders, should they get future content in those genres. This is just a general guide. If you become aware of categories we haven’t included here, let me know via the Contact page. Thanks!

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